Group Classes

Beginner / Intermediate Classes

We have workshops for beginners and intermediates on weekend mornings at 11 AM. Classes consist of a warm up, conditioning, partner training, roda (where we play Capoeira), and stretching. Classes typically last 3 hours. Weekend classes are designed to be social. We get together to play Capoeira in the roda. The roda is typically outdoors when the weather permits. After the roda concludes we usually hangout as a group.

Advanced Classes

Weekday classes are for advanced students and are typically one (1) hour long and one-on-one (private). You should already be doing Capoeira for a couple years if you want to attend advanced classes.

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Day Time Description Duration
Weekdays RSVP Advanced 1 Hour
Weekends 11 AM Beginners / Intermediates 3 Hours

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