Martial Art

Capoeira is principally an Afro-Brazilian Martial Art that has spread around the globe thanks to the pioneering efforts of Master ("Mestre") Bimba. Mestre Bimba was the first Capoeirista to open an academy in Brazil. Some people argue that Capoeira is a dance and not a fight. However, that would be historically inaccurate as the practice of Capoeira was outlawed precisely because it very effectively taught enslaved Africans and their descendants how to fight. Samba and other Afro-Brazilian dances were never outlawed.

That said, Capoeira, with its graceful moves and enchanting music, is too beautiful a form of artist expression to be considered just a fight.

Community Art

Capoeira is all about community. Men, women, and children can all participate in a Capoeira roda because Capoeira is a "game". Unlike other martial arts, where beating your adversary into a bloody pulp is highly valued, violence is not the point of this beautiful game.

Capoeira is a language. After you learn a little, you can express yourself in the way you "play" your game or how you play Capoeira music or how you sing Capoeira songs.

We play Capoeira in a roda and not a cage (like MMA matches) because the interaction and involvement of the community is essential for theatrical, musical, strategical, and other characteristics of the art form to take life.

Cultural Art

Capoeira is an expression of Afro-Brazilian culture. There is a rich history behind it. It is a tradition that has been passed from teacher to student for over 400 years. Consequently, even the greatest contemporary masters of the art form always humbly confess to knowing just a little bit.

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Capoeira Classes

Capoeira classes are designed to prepare you to play the game of Capoeira skillfully. At Cordão de Ouro (CDO) Seoul we try to follow the example of how to play Capoeira according to the lessons passed down by Mestre Suassuna, a student of the great Mestre Bimba. Mestre Suassuna, with over 50 years of teaching experience, has left us with the legacy of "Miudinho". It is a form of Capoeira that is very fluid, awe inspiring, and rapidly spreading around the globe.

Come train with us. Once you spend a few weeks in earnest practice, you will see the tremendous value of Capoeira!

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